Frequently Asked Questions

What is DataMaid?

Maid is the mobile and web application made for storytelling on the go. In the fast-moving world we live in, it lets you tell as you live - quick, smart and beautiful stories. It saves you time and gives you beautiful, presentable content. There is no need to say “I will do it later“ - because DataMaid does it for you simultaneously as you experience it. You capture things while they are happening and post immediately in a beautiful, responsive timeline format that fits your blog.

It is a bit magical - the stories are happening at the same time the life is happening.

Can I share on Facebook, Twitter?

DataMaid timelines are perfect for sharing your entire experiences on social media. You can also share the link to your timeline on social media and invite people to follow your posts live - as you publish them they will appear on your timeline.

What is storytelling for busy people?

DataMaid is a helper that accompanies you on your adventures or events. It is like a content maid and helps you save all the moments in one place so you can re-live and share your experiences in all media, without having to search for photos or notes or upload/download content later on.

Where can I use it?

For your exciting moments, your passions, stories and memories you would like to keep and share with the world. An adventurer? Take DataMaid with you to all your trips and discoveries and instantly share with the world. Conference goer? Datamaid will help you have content online and presentable while the events are happening. So there is no need to waste hours on creating a story, you can just go have a drink after the event - the story has already been created. Journalist, blogger? Write less - show more and get more coverage done in less time by utilizing your DataMaid notes in all media. You can also live-report from interesting events. Maybe you love to cook - add flair to your cooking blog and share wonderful step by step recipes of your masterpieces.
Dancer, director, musician - keep track of your process of creating work (inspiration, notes, memos) also-create making-off timelines to share and remember.

If there are any problems with your account or tehnical problems - where do i go to?

Please contact our team at
Put the type of the problem in the subject field and the explanation in the body of the email.

Privacy questions?

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions where privacy policy is explained in detail.

What about pornography?

Anything pornography related is not allowed on DataMaid. And here is why - timelines are public and can be seen by people of various ages. On DataMaid they are not to be posted or otherwise they will be removed and the account can be suspended for an indefinite amount of time. It is also violating our Terms and Conditions so make sure you read them before using DataMaid.

Violence, racism, homophobia, fanaticism or offensive/aggressive content?

We are very strict on this. It will be removed and the owner will be banned from the web and mobile application. Make ure you check the origin of the content you are posting as you are fully responsible for what happens on your timelines. The type of content is also violating our Terms and Conditions so make sure you read them prior to posting.